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Get Back on Track with Orthopaedic Surgery

Have you been impacted by a sports injury or other type of accident? Dr. David Rudman is a leading orthopaedic surgeon with the experience and credentials that you need for excellent surgical care. Dr. Rudman has been recognized for providing outstanding treatment and performing highly advanced surgical procedures at our office in Bergen County, serving patients throughout New Jersey. Contact us today to set up a consultation

Knee Surgery

Dr. Rudman has unparalleled experience performing minimally invasive arthroscopic knee surgeries. Whether you were injured on or off the field, he can work to repair the damage so you can walk, run, and navigate your life in comfort. Dr. Rudman performs a wide range of procedures, including meniscus repair, cartilage restoration, and ligament knee reconstructions. 

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

When ACL tear occurs reconstruction is often required.   Tissue graft is often utilized. Dr. Rudman can perform the surgery using arthroscopic techniques, minimizing trauma for a faster recovery. Most patients can expect to return to high level sporting activities in about six months.

Meniscal Surgery

Meniscal tears are very common.  Some tears can be treated conservatively while others may require surgical intervention.  Dr. Rudman performs meniscal surgery using minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques.  Surgery can consist of removing the torn tissue (partial menisectomy) or by suturing the torn pieces of the tissue back together (meniscal repair).

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder injuries and joint separations can be very painful, and require the attention of a skilled surgeon. Dr. Rudman is experienced in a number of advanced shoulder surgeries, including acromioclavicular joint reconstruction to repair joint separations. As a recognized expert, Dr. Rudman has performed shoulder surgery on many high level athletes.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Torn rotator cuffs  (the muscles that keep the shoulder joint properly aligned within the socket) often require surgical intervention. During surgery, Dr. Rudman may smooth or trim a partial tear using a procedure called debridement. Another approach is to completely re-attach the tendon to the head of the humerus, or upper arm bone. Dr. Rudman prefers minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to repair rotator cuff tears.

Shoulder Replacement

Traditional shoulder replacement involves replacing the ball and socket portions of the shoulder joint using high-tech, biocompatible materials like polyethylene and chrome alloy. For patients who have a torn or damaged rotator cuff, Dr. Rudman is also able to perform a reverse total shoulder replacement.

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